The Attic

by Autographic

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Recorded in my bedroom using borrowed instruments between September 2008 and January 2009. My band, Sneaky Thieves, had recently begun mixing our new record, which gave me a small spark of time and energy to focus on the 20 or so demos languishing on my laptop. I picked my favorite dozen tracks and set to work ... this is the result.


released March 22, 2009

Written, Performed, Produced and Mixed by Darby McDevitt

Bryant Moore - Harmony on "Detention Diary"
Cheyenne Casebier - Vocal on "Secular" and Harmony on "Threes"




Autographic Montreal, Québec

Autographic is Darby McDevitt. Sometimes other friends join in too. Darby was born in Spokane, educated in Bellingham and Dublin, and sharpened in Seattle. He now lives in Montreal where he is a Lead Writer for the Assassin's Creed series. Merci à tout le monde! ... more

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Track Name: Open
Open windows, empty closet, keep an eye on every exit.
From the attic, to the cellar, he took every last umbrella.
We looked high, we looked for symbols, and light.
Criminal, such bad behavior. After midnight, snuff the candles.
Praying hands and chasing windmills for life.
Track Name: Detention Diary
How long waiting? For a month and a day.
Ask your questions, I’ve got things to say.
Take this lantern, take it far away.
Write by pencil, in the light of the day.
Three birds singing for a view of the bay.
What happens after just a month and a day?
Time don’t tempt me, time won’t lead me astray.
Can you hear me dreaming? You can’t take that away.
Song birds singing, not a one got away.
We waited, patient, for a month and a day.
Track Name: Secular
Wish the want away, turn back from the fold.
The boys are getting bold,
And the girls, they stay in their rooms every day.

Take a breath and hold, hold it till we hear a sound:
Our bodies hit the ground.
There’s a fate and a home we will find on our own.

Will you spend your life struggling with gravity?
Our sins won’t fill the sea.
What a joy to believe in the rain for the trees,
Empty air, autumn breeze,
And the wisdom of you and me
Track Name: Vapor
When we looked into the sun,
it fell into the sea
On the first day of the dream.
When they asked for food and wine,
I couldn’t see their fear
That’s the trouble with these eyes.
Don’t comfort me.

Snow is lifting off the hills
And back into the sky
No miracle of mine.
When they begged me to be kind
I sunk I shook my head
I’ll make good behind my lies.
Don’t come for me.

Ecstasy of borrowed pain
For reasons I can’t tell
I no longer knew my name.
Track Name: Fractus
So wonderful: Explode.
A good turn in the dark
This ordinary life, come / go
You cannot be dismayed for the dead.
You have to carry on for love,
Then leave it all behind.
A fog light, flickers like a star, then gone.
Fading like a phantom in the bog
See the candlelight aglow.
We are waxen heart and soul.
Track Name: Room 306
Pale sky, wet window, clean conscience, alone.
Dissolve the day into another like her.
Nothing ever happens now.
Mild wind, black marrow, stiff breathing, aglow.
Track Name: Threes
Three hours of sinking moods,
The conversation turns
On hidden rules.
I met her in a bar in June,
Shouting through the room.

Three times we tested grace
The first was bliss,
the third was saving face
The smell of incense on our skin,
Was sweeter than the taste

Three wishes in empty rooms,
The corners lit by the sunlight
off the moon.
All the dust clouds in the air
Are people we once knew.

Three decades, an imbecile
Then the lights go dim
and we’ve had our fill of youth
Fighting off the entropy
To find some heat in me, for you.